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Steinbach Bowling Lanes

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Venerable Deluxe Bowl still rolling along

by Terry Frey – The Carillon

LEAGUE PLAY at Steinbach’s Deluxe Bowling Lanes kicked off another season for 2019-2020 as bowlers have been greeted to a much improved facility this year. More than $200,000 in improvements and renovations were made to the bowling alley in recent months, a facility that first opened in 1963. The most important part of these renovations have been the rebuilding of the lanes, which ate up half of the reno costs

THE IMPROVEMENTS to the facility were precipitated by a flood at the bowling alley last summer and renovations were completed this summer following an insurance settlement.
     Flooding occurred when the roof was being replaced and a rainstorm subsequently damaged some areas of the interior.
     The bowling alley has received a complete redo in the interior, which includes new carpets, paint, counter tops, redone benches, as well as the roof, ceiling, lanes and gutters.
     For the first time the lanes were redone with composite material on top of the lanes.

AND WHILE the local bowling lanes are new and improved this year, there is one constant that remains, and that is owners Charlie and Viera Jakubek, now into their 36th season as owners of the venerable lanes.
     Charlie and Viera purchased the business in 1983 as there have only been two owners of the business for the past 37 years.
     But that may soon change as the Jakubek’s, now into their 70’s have put the bowling alley up for sale now that all the renovations are complete. When the Jakubek’s first bought the business, it wasn’t a lifelong dream to own a bowling alley, far from it.

THEY CAME to Winnipeg in 1968 from what is now Bratislava, Slovakia, then part of Czechoslovakia, fleeing the country when the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia.
     Viera was nine months pregnant at the time when they arrived to the safety of Winnipeg and Canada.
     Charlie subsequently got a job at the Shell Refinery in St. Boniface. But when the refinery shut down in 1983, they had decisions to make.
     Having moved to the Ste. Anne area two years previous, they made the decision to buy a business, spending several months looking in Winnipeg and elsewhere.
     And that is when they ended up in Steinbach, through a realtor, ultimately buying a bowling alley.

“I had never been in a bowling alley before,” said Charlie. So it was learning the business by fire, as they went along, suffering a bit in the early going before making it a viable venture for the past three decades and more.
     Of course things have changed along the way.
     They replaced the old pin setting machines in 2003 and added computerized scoring in 2009.
     And of course, the nature of the business has also changed.
     In the past they had as many 60 teams competing in various leagues, now there are half that number. But on the flip side, public bowling is on the increase and is now the most important part of the business.
     And although they have been closed for the summers most years, they spend about 70 hours a week running the bowling alley as they have maintained this Steinbach institution for the past 36 years.

– lane rental (game or hour)
– shoe rental
– snack bar
– glow bowling

Deluxe Bowl
41 Brandt St Steinbach MB R5G 1Y4